Bending tool for press brake with WILA system

Bending tool for press brake with WILA system..


We offer to supply the following WILA bending tool equipment for press brakes of any standard or specialised form according to customer’s specifications (based on specilised blueprints): bending punches and dies , die holders, standard length tool and sectionalised tool, radius punches and inserts and many more…



Standard product range :


  • Punches (model BIU)/li>
  • Dies (models OZU and DDU)
  • Holders (model HU)
  • Adaptors (models TS, TSU)


In order to suit the customer’s length requirements , punches and dies are produced in the following sizes :


  • Section L-515mm (/1)
  • Section L-550mm, cut in segments 20-25-30-35-40-200 – 2х100mm (/2)
  • Section L-200мм, cut in segments 100-100mm (/3)
  • Section L-200mm (/6)


Used in machines of the following manufacturers : Trumpf Trubend / Trumabend, Finn-Power Ebrake, all new presses Prima-Power, Lvd-Strippit, Safan-Darley, Ursviken, Eht, Jordi, Rico Prcn, Gizelis, Durma


The tool is made of C50 steel or 42CrMo4 steel, and is tempered to increase durability. We also provide consulting services on bending technology, assistance in calculating effort and tool selection, both based on a specialised blueprints and/or catalogues of other manufacturers.