Amada CNC press brake HFT SERIES


The HFT press-brakes are equipped with the AMADA’s patented lower beam as standard, giving “Parallel Deflection” under all bending loads. This concept ensures consistent punch penetration into the vee die, over the full bending length under all loads and conditions.


Safety on Amada press-brakes

Operator safety first, has always been AMADA’s motto the HFT is no exception. All HFT press-brakes are built, type tested and certified to comply with current CE regulations. A 3-position footswitch is a standard feature on HFT press-brakes. Depending on the customers requirement, AMADA can supply different safety solutions to suit their needs including two-hand push button control, light guard control unitor protective laser beam.


Easy Hands On Controller (CD 2000)

CD 2000 is a real innovation in the field of numerical Press Brake controls. The new micro-processor CNC is user friendly, functional and offers total control over the bending. It’s’ simplicity of use, fast processing time and easy interface make it very popular among users. The CD 2000 incorporates two operating modes as standard. This allows the operator to manually move the upper beam (Y1 and / or Y2) and backgauge axes individually or program the press brake using direct angle input.
Ergonomically designed exclusively for AMADA the hand held CD 2000 control allows quick and simple partprogramming by the operator. Robust and equipped with a LCD screen protector, it is very well suited to a production environnement.


The ultimate step in achieving accuracy

Bend accuracy is highly dependent upon the backgauge. Two, independent axes (X, R,) are driven by large recirculating ball screws. The high performance backgauge rail has been exclusively designed for AMADA and is made of an extruded aluminium alloy. The use of this technology allows a extremely light but strong and rigid moving element, giving maximum speed and maintaining long-term accuracy. The standard, multi position fingers, provide sheet-gauging capacity up to 1020 mm. The 250 mm backgauge height stroke give the ultimate versatility for the user. This new backgauge permits the use of extra backgauge fingers formulti-stage bending operations.



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