Amada CNC press brake HFE SERIES


The HFE press brake series is suited to the demands of forming complex components with tight tolerances making it AMADA’s high capacity, high specification down stroking press brake.

2-D OPERALOG software, enables the user to draw the partprofile: It calculates the developed length, backgauge axes position, punch penetration, spring back and detects any possible collisions between piece part and the machine.


3-D environment simulation

A comprehensive bending software package, PBs permits bend simulation in a 3-D environment. Using PBs, you can prepare and test the program before going into actual production. By linking PBs to the Operateur 2000 controller, the press brake can be freed from none productive tasks.


The ultimate step achieving accuracy

Bend accuracy is highly dependent upon the backgauge. Five, independent axes (X1, X2, R, Z1 and Z2) are driven by large recirculating ball screws.

The high performance backgauge rail has been exclusively designed for AMADA and is made of an extruded aluminium alloy. The use of this technology allows a extremely light but strong and rigid moving element, giving maximum speed and maintaining long-term accuracy.


The HFE press brakes are equipped with the AMADA’s patented lower beam as standard, giving “Parallel Deflection” under all bending loads. This concept ensures consistent punch penetration into the vee die, over the full bending length under all loads and conditions.


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