Amada FO series


The latest purging technology is built in

This latest technology allows the inside of the optical pipeline from the oscillator to the cutting head to remain clear. Diffusion of the laser beam is reduced, therefore increasing the cutting performance over the entire area (optional).


Light weight and high rigid cutting head with quick approach speed

The newly designed cutting head structure optimizes the flow of assist gas inside the head, providing a smoother cutting surface finish.


The casting frame structure absorbs vibration

A casting frame structure which absorbs vibration has been adopted. Therefore each of the axis vibrations which occur at the time of high-speed processing are absorbs. High accuracy is realized during high-speed processing.


Effective laser beam control

The latest optical technology “A-O Unit” was adapted. Even if the beam distance between the osciilator and the processing point changes the quality of the focus remains constant. Stable processing and high accuracy is possible over the entire area (optional).


NC gas pressure control

Pressure of the assist gas is controlled automatically, even with different types of material, thickness and cutting methods. The pressure of assist gas is put under closed NC whose cutting condition are filed (optional).


The CNC unit – Fast, accurate processing achieved.

The CNC unit is the latest 32-bit configuration fully equipped with a high-speed and high-accuracy processing function like an advanced preview control. In addition, a single switch enables the laser oscillator to start and power supply to shut oft, eliminating troublesome operating steps.


WACS (Cooling cut device)

Misty cooling water is sprayed on the surface of the material to reduce the heat effect which contributes to high precision processing of thick material.

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Models: FO-3015, FO-4020

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