Precision in the 1/100 mm range

Consistently excellent leveling results, especially with thin metal sheets and parts. This is essential for optimum results during subsequent processes. The machine series of straighteners delivers flat sheets and parts almost entirely free of internal stresses together with extensive time savings – making your production more efficient.

Specifically designed for thin materials: material thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 5 mm

Highest efficiency: leveling speed of 3 to 20 m/min

For a broad range of applications: Perforated plates, precious metal, aerospace, electrical- and watch-making industry

Perfect for aerospace. Corrosion protection for cooled parts.

The machine is also the specialist for leveling parts in the aerospace industry. The mechanical leveler has been specifically designed for this application.

Economical: consistently excellent results.

Level and nearly stress-free parts reduce rework and scrap during subsequent processes. This pays off, saving you time and money.

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