Amada CNC press brake HFB SERIES


HFB press brake, the ultimate in precision

The HFB press brakes are available in 3 tonnages, 125 t, 170 t and 220 t with 2 bed lengths, 3 and 4 meters. The composite lower bed insures parallel deflection regardless of the bending tonnage. The large distance between side frames, the large throat depth, and the sectionalized punch holder make the HFB press brake a truly versatile machine. In response to the most demanding bending problems, Amada Promecam has developed the HF 700 backgauge with up to 8 independently programmable axes. (Y1 , Y2, X1 , X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2).


The Operateur, a total control

The Operateur is a CNC control that was totally developed by Amada – Promecam. lt controls all aspects of the HFB press brake yet it is simple to use and it is aesthetically and ergonomically designed. This control includes an integrated maintenance program that can be accessed from the PC through a DNC cable. Amada – Promecam has developed new bending software that provides the ultimate in performance and efficiency.

Graphic angle mode

Allows the user to program a part and see its shape on the color CAT. The control will draw the part proportionally to its dimensions. Also the screen will give additio· nal information about the part, such as bending sequence, part rotation, and bending angle. In addition many machine functions normally requiring operator input are automatically calcu· lated and entered into the program.


Ensuring bending quality

Bending accuracy is essentially related to angular precision of the workpiece, which must remain constant throughout the entire length of the bend. A minor variation of punch penetration into the die will lead into considerable variation of the bend angle, even on heavy duty press brakes. Perfect control of straightness, parallelism and rigidity of the beams is therefore imperative.

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