The CNC punching machine series AC – Intelligence & Innovation at its highest level


The AC models – the economical introduction to AMADA punching technology at delivering the highest level of performance. Its trend-setting, servo electric motor combines all advantages of mechanical punching technology with the speed and flexibility of hydraulic high speed punching machines. The proven AMNC controller ensures maximum precision while being easy to operate. In addition, the standard specifications of the AC-255 NT and the AC-2510 NT hardly leave anything more to be desired.


Efficiency & effectiveness for your success


Thanks to the AC CNC punching machine series, you can increase production speed and profit from the precision and functionality of reduced setup times and costs. Once again, this expands the economic, meaningful range of application for CNC punching technology.


Highly economic CNC punching machines with maximum convenience of operation


Together with the highly accurate servo electrical drive, the proven bridge frame is an essential construction feature for guaranteeing high-quality results, even after years of operation.


Powerful for saving energy


The servo-electric drive combines the highest productivity with the lowest operating costs. This drive has proven itself during tests with 100 million load cycles. In contrast to the already familiar problems of conventional punching processes, the servo-electric punching operation only has advantages – there are no known disadvantages.


They ensure higher process reliability for the CNC punching machine:


Power vacuum and the central vacuum removal for punch slugs. In particularly, slugs are ejected reliably from the process during high-speed punching and damage to the work piece is therefore avoided.



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