Amada LC F1


In terms of speed and accuracy the F1 laser cutting machines series sets new standards! The optimized interaction of control, machine and laser unit permits accurate cuts at high speeds.

Not only the resonators (2500 W, 4000 W or 6000 W), fine-tuned by AMADA specifically for this machine series, but also the 3-axes linear drive guarantee the highest positioning accuracy at extreme acceleration, even into the tightest corner


5 Innovations attained through front-loading developments:

  1. 3-axis (X,Y,Z) linear motor drive system is exceedingly fast and extraordinarily precise
  2. Amada-tuned oscillator for quality cutting
  3. New AMNC/PC with high-speed processor
  4. Twin-Adaptive optics eliminate lens changes
  5. Cut-process monitoring provides edge quality repeatability with auto-plasma detection


7 achievements of the F1 that have changed the laser machine concept:

  1. Exceptionally fast piercing and cutting with 3-axis linear motor drive system
  2. Superb cutting quality with sharp corners over the full thickness range
  3. High-accuracy and high-speed cutting
  4. No lens change required, twin adaptive optics generate optimum beam
  5. Automatic nozzle changer (optional)
  6. Cut status detection function, monitors cut status with feedback to the machine
  7. Flexible layout for machine with shuttle table (LST). Customers can choose a sheet output direction, right or left, for peripheral equipment according to their system layout
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