New Technical Solutions s.r.o. (NTS) is a European company that specializes in supplying quality metal processing machinery. We are one of the few companies which starts by taking your schematic and finds an optimal solution that meets your exact needs.
Our team of experienced engineers can find the right equipment, tooling, and software at the right price. We have a global network of providers for new and used quality machinery.

Since our founding in 2007 we have provided complete service solutions for our clients. We handle everything from sourcing to delivery to training and service. NTS is a dynamic and fast-paced company that strives to always find the most competitive offers. What truly sets NTS apart is the training and technical support we provide for any and all equipment that we ship. Many companies have already used our services to cut costs and increase profits.

Let us provide you the equipment, training, and service you need to make your products a success. Just send us a drawing and we will find an optimal solution that meets your needs exactly.


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